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Trademark Registration

Business Registration with Trademark Registration UAE, Worldwide Trademark Registration Services contains entire registration process which includes Selection and Retention of Trademarks Registration, Prepare and prosecutes Trademark Applications, Handle Trademark Rights maintenance, Record amendments to a trademark and franchising of rights as well for Trademark Registration.

Trademark Registration Worldwide, UAE

• Advise on the registrability, selection and retention of trademarks
• Prepare and prosecute trademark applications
• Handle trademark rights maintenance including payment of renewal fees
• Record amendments to a trademark including change of name, change of address,    assignment, merger, mortgage, licensing and franchising of rights
• Conduct rapid, in-house searches for trademarks
• Provide an on-going watch service to monitor the relevant jurisdictions for acts of    trademark infringement
• Provide market investigations to detect potential acts of counterfeit and piracy
• Cancel or oppose the grant of registrations before national offices

From Filing to Registration: 10-12 months
Convention Priority: Yes
Classification of Goods/Service: International (8th Edition)
Multiple Class Applications: N/A
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