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Salient Features

Scope of work

We understand that you would like to register a Trademark/Design.
We shall provide the services as follows:
• Conducting Search
• Preparation of Application.
• Payment of application fee to the Ministry.
• Publication of notice in the official gazette.
• Publication of advertisement in 2 newspaper.
• Payment of Registration fee for the Trademark/Design.

Documents Required:
A) Individual Applicant.
  1. 30 prints of the Logo/ trademark
  2. Legal Translation of any word appearing in the Logo with its Arabic meaning.
  3. Soft copy of the logo/ Trademark in Jpg or Jpeg format.
  4. * Power of Attorney favoring JITENDRA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
  5. Passport copy of the Applicant.
  6. Certified copy of the applicant company’s Trade/Commercial License
  7. * Certified copy of the Trademark/Design registered in any other country.
B) Corporate Applicant.
In addition to the above.
  1. Trade License/Certificate of Incorporation i.e. Commercial Registration.
  2. Certified copy of the Trade License. Photocopy of Passport of the Local sponsor.
  3. Passport copies of all partners.
  4. Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  5. Passport copy of the authorized Signatories and the Shareholders.

Schedule of Fees: 1 Mark in 1 class
Trademark Application Total Fee (USD$)
Trademark Search 400/-
Trademark Registration 1700/-
*Cost of Registration in one class 2,100/-
Legalization of Power of Attorney
Details Unit Price QTY Price (USD)
Super-Legalization of Power of Attorney and certified copy of Trade License/Commercial License up to the Consulate of Oman and Foreign Affairs 890.00 2 1,780.00
Exchange Rate: 1 USD = AED 3.67
Payment terms:

100% of the fees will be payable in advance

Further please note that the above charges are applicable only, if the application proceeds normally to registration and no serious objection is raised by the authorities and in absence of oppositions by any third parties.

Please note that quoted costs are inclusive of Professional and Governmental charges and are on the basis of registering one trademark class of goods or services or logo and each item shall be applied as a separate application.

The above quoted charges are valid only within 15 days, after which they may be subject to change.

Please note that the charges are indicative and might vary slightly depending on publication fees, local legalization of documents, translation and disbursements. Above charges are subject to variation, without notice, upon change in official fees or tax rate or devaluation of currency.

Our Bank account details:
Bank : Commercial Bank of Dubai, Main Branch, Dubai
A/c No. : 1000955235
Swift Code: CBDUAEAD
Time Frame:
Assignment shall be completed within 14 - 18 months.
For more details please visit our website:
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