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What is a trade mark?

A trade mark is a sign which can distinguish your goods and services from those of your competitors. It can be for example words, logos or a combination of both. You can use your trade mark as a marketing tool so that customers can recognize your products or services.
Trademarks and service marks are words, names, symbols, or devices used by manufacturers of goods and providers of services to identify their goods and services, and to distinguish their goods and services from goods manufactured and sold by others. A trade mark must be distinctive for the goods and services provided. In other words it can be recognized as a sign that differentiates your goods or service as different from someone else's.

Trademark Charges
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  What is a patent?  
Patents protect the features and processes that make things work. This lets inventors profit from their inventions.
  Benefits of patent protection  

A patent gives you the right to stop others from copying, manufacturing, selling, and importing your invention without your permission. The existence of your patent may be enough on its own to stop others from trying to exploit your invention. If it does not, it gives you the right to take legal action to stop them exploiting your invention and to claim damages. The patent also allows you to:
  • sell the invention and all the intellectual property (IP) rights
  • license the invention to someone else but retain all the IP rights
  • Discuss the invention with others in order to set up a business based around the invention.
The public also benefit from your patent because we publish it after 18 months. Others can then gain advance knowledge of technological developments which they will eventually be able to use freely once the patent ceases.
What is a design?
Design is all about the way an object looks: its shape, its visual's all in the design.
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