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Application Form For Trademark Registration

Ministry of Economy

Registration Dept Commercial    

Trade Mark Section

For the Ministry's use/Details of the submission of the application
Submission No :*
Submission time :*
Submission date :*
Fees receipt date :*
1 - Details of the application:

a. Name of the Applicant, if a person or sole proprietor establishment: Name of applicant, if it is company.

b. Main office of the applicant:


PO. box : Tel# : Fax:

2 - The Region,  which the commercial shop or project is having there:
3 - The Shop selected in the United Arab emirates, which the letters and documents related to the trademark to be sent to:

Name of Attorney:
(Office of layers/ Agent of Trade Marks)

City: P.O. BOX:
Tel:h Fax:
4 - The trademark or clear copy of the same inside the square
5 - Specification of Trade Mark by the shape, color & Language.

6 - Translation of the trade mark, if it is written in Non Arabic Language.

7 - Is the trademark applying for registration, subject to register.
* Group of marks? Yes No OR
*Correlated marks? Specify no. of application :
8 - Preference for registering the trademark or application subject to registration of trademark (if):

No of previous application:
Date of previous application:

The country, which the application registered or submitted there:

9 - Category No.
10 - List of products/ Services/ Goods, the trademark requested for registering for:
Declaration about the correctness of the application

I, the undersigned, in my capacity of (Applicant/ legal attorney for registration), hereby declare that, the details of the applicant, its address, its legal status and its purpose listed in the application, are correct and identical to the commercial register.  And the applicant is ongoing company and practicing the commercial or industrial or provisional activities, which is subject to the clause (6) of the federal law (37) for the year regarding to the trademarks.  And I hereby declare that this application will be regarded abandoned, if any incorrectness occurred and at the time I will submit a new application.

This is my declaration in this regard,

Name of applicant/ rep.  

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